Season 4 Episode 49
Go Out and Get Your ‘No’s’ with Linda Locasio

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Welcome to the Get Traction Podcast, a show aimed at educating aspiring real estate entrepreneurs. Today, Tom welcomes to the podcast real estate investor and broker, Linda Locasio, who explains lease options, how to set up resale prices with a buyer and the average profit she makes on an investment. Linda goes into detail about how she operates as a real estate investor and key insights and lessons she’s learned throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

Key Takeaways

  • 00:40 – Tom introduces today’s guest, Linda Locasio who joins the show to share her experience as a real estate investor and broker
  • 03:59 – Lease options explained and how Linda operates as a real estate investor
  • 12:29 – Setting up a resale price with a buyer
  • 20:11 – How much profit Linda makes on the average property
  • 25:49 – Linda reflects on her experience as a single, independent investor
  • 27:59 – The role marketing plays
  • 30:16 – The secret to getting paid
  • 39:01 – Advice Linda would give to beginner, intermediate and expert investors
  • 47:26 – Seeking deals out everywhere
  • 53:04 – Tom thanks Linda for joining the show

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