S3E43 – Corner of Main and Main

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S3E43-Corner of Main and Main

Season 3

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Click Below for the Full Transcript
Click Below for the Full Transcript

Quick quiz:
Where do you think the BEST deals are found?

1. At the corner of Main and Main Streets?
2. Somewhere most people never even see?

Survey says…


Somewhere no one ever sees.

You're not going to find the right deals at the corner of Main & Main because everyone drives by that intersection.

And that's the problem.

Most people never look beyond the corner of Main and Main.

Because they only know how to follow the crowd, not how to think for themselves.

Which is a shame, because the best deals are not in the obvious places that everyone watching late-night TV infomercials looks.

They are indeed right there.

Hiding in plain sight.

BUT you need to learn how to look at things differently so that you actually SEE them.

That's the trick.

But most people are way too near-sighted.

Q: So why do people not look further than the end of their nose?
A: Because they have no clue how to market.

Or how to CONFIDENTLY and CONSISTENTLY follow-up on their marketing and keep it rolling.

Marketing is tough.

Marketing is a mystery.

Marketing is a numbers game.

I get it.

But marketing is the single most important activity that you will do.

It is the life-blood of your business.

Therefore it is the single item that determines your success — Or your failure.

(Yes, it's that important.)

So get it right.

Which is why I spend a massive amount of time at my Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp teaching you proper marketing. And it's why 80% of all the questions that get asked of my successful students when I interview them in front of everyone at my bootcamp are also about marketing.

So if you want to get this key and critical question answered for you, then be there June 1, 2 and 3rd.

You'll also receive a complete copy of my entire 3-volume Implementation Kit.

Volume 1 is “Find the Deal” and is all about marketing.

It has more than 85 methods of finding deals. (Not that you need to do all 85, but you won't be able to anymore say “I don't know WHAT to do.” It'll only be a matter of WHICH to do (and I have a framework and worksheet to answer that for you too.)

Yes, I have you fully covered.

It's everything I wish I would have had when I started.

And everything I wish I would have had when I got serious and really expanded my business.

And it's all served to you on a silver platter in a well-thought-out, easy-to-absorb, and yes, fun method in 3 solid days.

Grab it now and get going.

We ain't getting any younger.

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