S3E38 – The Greatest Motivated Seller of All Time

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Click Below for the Full Transcript
Click Below for the Full Transcript

Who was the greatest motivated seller of all time?

* He needed cash.
* He had valuable property.
* He needed to dump it to solve other pressing concerns.

Any guess who?

The answer:
Napoleon Bonaparte.

He sold America the Louisiana Purchase for a song.

Because he was in trouble and needed money.

Thomas Jefferson wasn’t even sure he had the legal authority to make the purchase. But he recognized the incredible deal that it was and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to double the territorial size of the United States.

The same is true today:
Motivated sellers are the key to a successful real estate investing business.

They NEED to sell quickly.

Even more than they WANT to sell.

Their situation demands it.

And their situation therefore makes price NOT the #1 issue for them.

Stopping the pain is their #1.

And when price isn't the key thing for them, then they can take any priced offer you make as long as it solves their main problem.

That's a great place to be in.

That's why I teach you how to find motivated sellers through consistent marketing, and then how to negotiate so that you solve their problems, stop their pain, and get paid handsomely for doing so.

It's all at my Rapid Cash Generator training events.

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