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Welcome to the Get Traction Podcast, a show aimed at educating aspiring real estate entrepreneurs. In this episode, Tom interviews his wife, Carolina Zeeb, who is a fellow real estate wholesaler and partner at Traction Real Estate Investors Association. Carolina opens up about her empowering story as an immigrant from Colombia who worked a nine-to-five day job before going to work for herself. A self-made woman, Carolina speaks to her passion for inspiring other women to capitalize on the real estate business. Finally, Tom and Carolina speak to the importance of persistence, dedication, and making a genuine connection.

What We Covered:

  • 00:36 – Tom introduces today’s very special guest, Carolina Zeeb
  • 01:40 – Carolina’s roots and background
  • 05:50 – When Tom and Carolina met
  • 09:56 – Carolina recalls her decision to get into real estate
  • 11:18 – The good, the bad, and the crazy calls Carolina received from her marketing efforts
  • 15:10 – The importance of persistence
  • 15:53 – The major differences between doing deals in English and Spanish
  • 18:40 – Tom explains why the second deal is the most important deal
  • 20:28 – What motivates Carolina
  • 24:08 – Carolina quitting her job to focus on wholesaling full-time
  • 26:56 – The multiple marketing strategies available to wholesalers
  • 28:57 – Carolina shares the story of her first deal
  • 31:56 – The importance of making a connection
  • 32:36 – Carolina tells the story of a very meaningful and impactful deal
  • 40:28 – The reality of the real estate business
  • 45:21 – How Carolina overcame challenges and increased her confidence
  • 46:55 – An interesting real estate analogy
  • 48:06 – Understanding the many facets of wholesaling
  • 53:35 – The inspiration to start a real estate group specifically targeted at women
  • 57:42 – The benefits of working as a real estate wholesaler

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