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Welcome to the Get Traction Podcast, a show aimed at educating aspiring real estate entrepreneurs. In this episode, Tom changes up the format and brings on a current student of the Rapid Cash Generator Implementation Bootcamp. Mike tells the story of how he came across Tom's system and how implementing the system dramatically changed Mike's confidence and his ability to negotiate, even with the likes of military intelligence officers.

Mike outlines how Tom's contract templates greatly helped him during the process. He explains what it was like to be in his shoes before meeting Tom and the advice he would give someone just starting out. He details the confidence he felt having Tom's legal contract templates during the process. A great conversation with a fantastic success story!

What We Covered:

  • 00:30 Tom introduces his student Mike to hear about his successes with the program
  • 01:30 Tom asks Mike to “turn back the clock”
  • 02:10 What was it about the program that attracted Mike
  • 02:40 Mike outlines what little experience he had prior to starting
  • 03:40 Mike describes his early successes
  • 04:45 Mike changes strategies
  • 06:10 Mike hits a bump in the road with his early properties
  • 06:40 How Mike turned his fortunes around, including books read
  • 09:20 Mike doesn't have a budget, starts with cold-calling
  • 11:45 Why having a purpose is important and the value you're providing to the market
  • 14:20 Why learning how to be independent is so important
  • 14:40 How Tom's negotiation training helped Mike in a negotiation with a military intelligence officer
  • 16:30 Mike describes his initial handling of Tom's negotiation tactics and how he adjusted to accommodate the teachings
  • 18:10 Mike's 2nd deal where he learned the details of Tenant Rights and how it might kill a deal if not handled properly.
  • 20:00 Why Audio books played such an important part in Mike's learning
  • 21:15 Tom asks Mike to explain his experience with understanding the importance of Tom's contract templates
  • 23:00 Mike explains how the right legal contracts gave him confidence during the process
  • 24:20 Advice Mike would give someone in his shoes 18 months ago
  • 25:35 How Mike feels about becoming a full-time real estate investor
  • 27:00 Why the 2nd deals means something completely different from the first

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